With these 3 simple steps provided by neuroscience, your products, services, brands and businesses will be more competative and profitable at today's volatile market.

Surveys that require a conscious response often do not provide a relevant insight into the brain of the consumer because people are either inclined to hide the truth or they just are unable to convey their emotions in the right way.

Tapping into the unconscious and without asking a single question, neuroscience offers a quantitative measure of raw emotion ensuring that the consumers' responses are always trustworthy and reliable.

MAKE USE OF THE LEVERAGE Neuroscientific analysis also allows us to improve your product or brand positioning making you stand out from the crowd with the product or service that tastes, looks, feels, and smells better than that offered by your rivals.
Evaluative Conditioning
If you want to associate your products or even the entire brand with positive emotions and measure the impact, here we are to design a startle reflex modulation study for you to test different positive emotion categories associated with your products or brand to define the ones that elicit the most positive emotion.
Sensory Marketing
If you are interested in identifing and quantifing the emotion of your clients towards your products or services, we will to provide you with a pleasantness rating of your product. The application of our startle reflex modulation technology can be implemented at any stage of the product life cycle. Using this information, you will be able to see which of your solutions were the most positively rated.
Advertisement Testing
If you plan to launch a new campaign, no matter whether it is a flyer, or any other print media or even a TV commercial, we can test your solutions by designing a startle reflex modulation study for you to know which of your ideas is the most promising.